ned tobin || expanding with trying
ned tobin

23 years

there's a small village a few miles north of here
it's sad that they don't know what’s heading their way
born 23 years ago, 20 miles west of here
22 years he's been beaten for playin’ the fool

armed with a sack, a few coins and a brow
headin’ away, doesn't think to look back
it's a nice clear day with the birds hangin' round
walkin' the dirt road, fences, and stones

21 steps ago he past a barrier
steel tables and a sign that said 'come back soon'
23 years have gone, fuck it's been a while
slow dust trails and a sun that keeps beatin' down

counting the posts a car rolls along and pulls up: stop
where are you heading son? let me give you a ride
sir I'm just going down the road some
don't you be silly boy, this here's a gun

rollin' down the road and eyin’ the gun in hand
he may be the fool but he's good with his hands
when you've been beaten enough, you learn to fight back
sinking his teeth in, screaming and spittin' the blood

stupid mother fucker should be buried alive
lost his way, spinning, he just saved his life
for the first time in his life he's found he's won
a few dollars, a gun, and a car that he doesn't want

armed with a sack, a few coins and a gun
this boy has turned from a snack to attack
back heading north again and countin' the posts
and maybe they feel what's heading their way